Parcours de fourmation: Parler pour que les enfants écoutent

The Faber and Mazlish Talking for Children to Listen, Listening workshop aims to improve communication between parents (or educators) and children. In a series of seven (7) monthly meetings of 2 hours each, the program develops skills that can be applied by parents or anyone else who works with the children.



By participating in this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Welcome the child’s negative feelings (frustration, disappointment, anger, etc.)
  • Express your anger without hurting
  • To arouse the desire to cooperate in children
  • Set firm boundaries while maintaining an open climate
  • Using alternatives to punishment
  • Resolving family conflicts in an atmosphere of calm

The workshop is open to parents of (future) toddlers, children, teenagers of all ages, as well as education professionals who work with children and adolescents.



The in-person sessions take place on Saturday mornings, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Dates for the next 2020 cohort will be announced shortly.



  1. In-person training, provided by a psychologist;
  2. Your reference manual, yours for life;
  3. Your participant’s guide, filled with practical exercises;
  4. Co-development sessions once a month, to apply the tools together, in your daily reality (it’s optional, but really appreciated by parents!), by videoconference;
  5. Access to the virtual community of Raising Yourself as a Family, where you can exchange with other parents and the trainer about the challenges you face. without judgment;
  6. At the end of your training course, a 30-minute one-on-one match plan session with the trainer where you can review your learning, equip yourself specifically for your family’s challenges and identify solutions!


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Did you know that we also organize private workshops with parents, child care and schools? Let us know what you’re interested in by writing to us!